Helping You Maintain a Clean and Safe Heating System

Why Does a Furnace Need To Be Cleaned?

We rely upon our furnaces to provide us with warmth and comfort during the winter. Some ducting systems also provide air conditioning for the summer months. Dust, dirt, pollen, mildew, animal dander, and other pollutants are pulled through your air duct system and are circulated throughout your home.

Fiberglass filters in your system need to be changed once per month in order to remain effective and even then they do not stop debris buildup. Systems that are simply forgotten in the garage or basement can eventually fail or generate a fire hazard. By having your furnace regularly cleaned and inspected, you are responding to a potentially dangerous situation.

When the furnace is used, especially for the first time of the season, it blows these unhealthy particles throughout your home. Eyes become irritated, the nose itches, and sore throat begins to make its rounds through the household. When we look inside an unclean furnace, we see material much like that inside of a vacuum bag.

When a furnace is used to heat the home, it is like taking each breath of air through a dirty vacuum. People who suffer from dust allergies, asthma, and sinus problems will appreciate the relief they get after a furnace is cleaned.

Because we remove so much dust and debris, the system will actually operate more efficiently, possibly saving money on your monthly utility bill. You will also notice that less regular dusting will be required. Dust breaks down the fibers in your carpet and furniture, aging them more rapidly.

A furnace cleaning will improve health while saving time and money.


How We Clean a Furnace System

A furnace can only be thoroughly cleaned by using a truck-mounted power vacuum. Our super vacuum is powered by the truck's engine and is connected to the furnace via a one-foot diameter pipe. The power vacuum produces a 14,000 cubic foot per minute draw through your heating system's ductwork, cleaning the debris out of your home and into our truck.

In conjunction with this, our technicians generate turbulence in the ductwork by blowing compressed air into the registers. The combination of draw from the truck and push from the compressed air breaks up the lint on the inner walls of the ductwork. It then ends up in the vacuum truck parked outside.

We will fully inspect your furnace and leave a written report noting any repair or safety problems with the system.


Dryer Duct Cleaning

Dryer vents are full of lint, which can easily catch on fire. Clogged vents also dry clothing less efficiently so each load takes longer to dry and ends up costing you more in utilities. Clean dryer vents help prevent clothes dryer fires, dry your laundry faster and save you some money too! Protect your home and save money by scheduling a dryer duct cleaning by Chim Chimney Sweep Co.